Evil Pirates... what?


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9/11 Clown Attack!

Here are some pictures of the 9/11 clown attack.


Here you'll see when the two clowns crashed into the twin towers.


Here we see Richard Quest (left) and Andrew Stevens (right) debating about the 9/11attack.
Richard: So, Andrew, what are you thoughts on the 9/11 clown attack?
Andrew: Um.. well, Richard, I feel that this could have been avoided if we would have just hugged our clowns once in awhile.
Richard: So you are saying that this horrible attack is our fault? But the United States is flawless. How.. um.. how could this be our fault?
Andrew: Well now, that is true... Then it must be that they are just a bitter and violent race of people. I say that we blame them for all of the worlds problems.
Richard: That's the way it should be. Well folks that's all the time we have for today. Now remember, It's the clowns fault that you don't have love and why you don't have a big screen TV. Good night everybody.


This is a map that shows where the clowns have already attacked. The other non-clown markings show where much of clown hugging has been, they seem to be especially clustered in the Michigan area. There we can tell that they hug their clowns almost everyday.

Dear K.E.N,
      It's September 11, 2000 and the US has just been hit by the clowns. That really sux for all those non-clown-hugging people. I'm sure glad I hug my clown everyday. Thank God I live in Michigan were the Michiganers and Clowns live in peace and harmony.