Evil Pirates... what?


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My Ode to K.E.N

This is a page JUST for K.E.N, because K.E.N got me a clown for christmas. HOLY CRAP!!! That made my day! I am hugging it thoroughly now. I love it!! This page is JUST for  you K.E.N.  I LOVE YOU!!! It's sitting on the computer as I type. It's so cute, and it looks so laid back too. Thanks to Lisa right here next to me, I am spelling all of these words right. She is now my new dictionary. Thank you, Lisa. OMG I love the clown so much. This is a Clown page just for you, K.E.N.


Dear K.E.N,
       This clown thoroughly rocks my world. I wuvvies it so muchies!!! It makes me almost forget that I can't drink my pepsi in here since it's a libary (yes, libary).