Evil Pirates... what?


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About the Site


Crazy Legs McGee

How this site was made:

This site was made 98% out of boredom and 2% out of insanity. HOW did I become insane? We can thank Professional Real Estate Appraisals. WHY was this site made? Because, we like pirates. I say we because there will be two of us. Yes, I am producing another me. I call it K.E.N. for Karl Eats Nuggets. On the left here you will see Crazy Legs McGee. As you can see, his legs are thoroughly crazy, as his names states.
My Sad Kidneys - Go here to read about my depressed little water deprived kidneys.

Dear K.E.N,
     I fear the worst for my poor kidneys. They seem to be getting worse everyday. I was told that I would have to stop drinking pepsi for awhile. Also that I was a hypochondriac, but that is besides the point. I was just tricked into drinking diseased water, which, because I didn't have water in over a month... I couldn't tell the difference. Now I'm even more diseased. Thank you, my loving mother, for poisoning me.