The Bandit Whores
What are the Bandit Whores?


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Wondering what exactly the Bandit Whores are? Well I'll tell ya.. We are obviously whores that are bandits. Pretty easy to understand huh? Well... we are also a bit more than that.........  We are also going to take over the world. Mwahahaha now I bet you are confuzzled eh?  This is your leader speaking. My name is Psyche Papillion. My most trusted whore, also second in command, Fille Cruel. There are quite a few members already. Want to find out if you are qualified enough? Take the test. You will find all of the members bios in their chambers.

Obay your Leader.

About the chambers:
 The chambers contain all of the members bios and a picture (drawn by the one and only *Leader* ). They are arranged by their ranks. Click here to go to the chambers The Chambers

Wanna be one?
 Wonderin' how to become one? Take The Bandit Whore Test

we will soon own you.